Pakistan political crisis : 'No superpower can dictate terms to India,' PM Imran Khan says in address to nation – Times of India

Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan addressed the nation on Friday night after the Supreme Court a day earlier ruled he acted unconstitutionally in blocking an attempt to oust him – a decision that could end his premiership in days. His government has formed a panel to probe the charge that a foreign nation was trying to oust him from power, in conjunction with Opposition parties. Stay with TOI for all updates:Read Less
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All eyes now on Saturday’s trust vote in National Assembly
We have numbers on our side for tomorrow’s no-trust vote: Bilawal Bhutto

Will resist any effort to subvert Constitutional process: Bilawal Bhutto

People, not Army, can safeguard democracy. Come in front of people and announce elections. Opposition, steeped in corruption, want to see me out of power to bury cases against them. I am ready for struggle
Imran Khan says he will not accept government that takes over after him

Pakistan PM Imran Khan says he accepts court verdict that reversed his actions, reinstated vote against him

Numbers stacked against Imran Khan before Saturday’s no-trust vote
Imran Khan calls for massive street protests on Sunday evening

History spares no one, all decisions will be judged by time

Imran Khan bats for Electronic Voting Machines, voting rights for overseas Pakistanis
The Opposition wants to keep EVMs at bay for they know they don’t stand a chance if elections are conducted fairly.
The opposition, steeped in corruption, want to see me out of power to bury cases against them: Imran Khan

PM Imran Khan repeats allegation that US diplomat threatened regime change in Pakistan

‘Go to the people, call elections’
When the no-confidence motion was brought against me, I dissolved the assembly. So I ‘dissolved’ my government and wanted to seek a fresh mandate: Imran Khan
‘European Union cannot dictate India into giving a statement against their interests, but they want Pakistan to do it’

Our foreign policy should be made keeping Pakistan’s interests in mind: Imran Khan
Western powers like to have those in power in Pakistan who dance to their tunes. But I would not allow an attack on our sovereignty. If ‘beggars are not choosers’ come to power, they will again pander to superpowers.
‘Pakistan’s interests come first’
I cannot sacrifice my own people for the sake of another country, like in the ‘War on terror.’ Once Russians left Afghanistan, Pakistan came under sanctions within two years. Our sacrifices were not even acknowledged.
India cannot be dictated to by any superpower: Imran Khan

The Americans had studied the profiles of all Pakistan leaders, their stand on issues on drone attacks, Afghanistan, Iraq war, etc: Imran Khan
“They found that only one- Imran Khan- does not acquiesce to their points of view. The rest have no spine,” Imran Khan says
Imran Khan says he regrets Supreme Court ruling on deputy speaker’s decision on rejection of no-trust motion against him

‘There were such celebrations, even in media, over a possible collapse of government’


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