Imran warns Punjab officials against following 'illegal' orders ahead of by-polls – Pakistan Today

— Says he holds grudge against US for ‘imposing thieves on Pakistan’
SHEIKHUPURA: Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has warned incumbent government officials against following “illegal” orders of Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz ahead of by-polls in 20 constituencies.
“The ECP [Election Commission of Pakistan] and Hamza Shehbaz are plotting to rig the elections to ensure the victory of turncoats,” Imran said while addressing a rally in Punjab’s Sheikhupura district on Thursday.
The PTI chief’s rally was a part of the campaign for upcoming by-elections scheduled to be held on July 17 on 20 Punjab Assembly seats.
He also warned that his party will take legal action against those police officials who allegedly tortured PTI workers during his party’s “Azadi March” in May.
Addressing the Punjab police chief and chief secretary, Imran said: “I had appointed both of you, because you were honest and don’t follow the illegal orders of Hamza.”
Terming the by-polls decisive, the ousted premier said the results of elections will decide whether this country would head towards progress or destruction.
“No matter what you do you cannot win elections because people have decided that they will not accept ‘imported government,” he remarked.
He also alleged that the Punjab government was pouring a large amount of money into the by-elections to ensure the victory of turncoats in the elections. “Take money from them [PML-N} but cast ballot for the PTI,” he told the supporters.
Reiterating his allegations of the ‘foreign conspiracy’, Imran said he held only one grudge against the US as to why did it impose ‘thieves’ on Pakistan. “You do not even appoint a corrupt man to the post of peon but here you have imposed a man [Shehbaz Sharif] and his son [Hamza Shehbaz] who are facing serious money laundering charges,” he added.
The PTI leader said his political struggle is based on the ideology of country’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah while his opponents are ready to compromise on every issue including being ready to recognise Israel to save their looted wealth.
“They can never speak about Pakistan’s interest because their assets are stashed abroad. We want friendship with all countries including the US but will not accept its slavery,” he said, adding, “Likewise, I cannot improve ties with India at the expense of the Kashmir issue.”
Imran said the time has changed in the age of social media where it’s impossible to stop the flow of information. “Now you cannot win polls through political victimisation and use of state machinery.”
Imran Khan says ready for negotiations on one-point agenda
Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has asserted that he was ready for negotiations on the issue of holding early elections.
Speaking to journalists during a meeting, the former premier said he was ready to hold talks with anyone if early elections are guaranteed. “The doors of negotiation are open, but only on general elections,” he added.
Imran Khan said that he was concerned about the country’s situation and will continue to raise his voice for the betterment of people of Pakistan.
The PTI Chairman added that he can never see the army becoming weak, while appointment of the army chief had never been his issue. “The only solution to the current crisis in the country is an immediate and transparent election,” he added.

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