RAW sets up special cell to exploit political situation in Pakistan – Pakistan Today

ISLAMABAD: Indian machinations against Pakistan are spearheaded by RAW Chief Samant Kumar Goel with strategic guidance of Ajit Doval and ideologically driven by the Nazi-inspired RSS whose political front, BJP, is in power since 2014.
A special cell in Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office has been established for exploiting political situation in Pakistan. RAW is working in all domains to carryout subversive, coercive and destabilising activities against Pakistan both inland and around the world.
Sources privy to the development informed KMS that RAW had been running 87 terrorist camps in Afghanistan to sponsor terrorism in Pakistan. Ajit Doval has openly said that “We will fight Pakistan to the last Afghan”. RAW paid $560,000 to TTP, prior to US withdrawal from Afghanistan as UAE govt has money trails.
India uses foreign territory to initiate terrorist activities in Pakistan, the sources said and added that Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi has been given additional responsibility of supplying arms and logistics to Baloch terror groups.
Presently, he is General Officer-Commanding-in-Chief of Northern Command in India army. India’s external intelligence agency has established a training camp at village Himat Nagar in Karnataka to train terrorists of Majeed Brigade.
RAW has already established consortium of all resistance groups under the banner of BRAS (Baloch Raaji Aajoie Sangar) and is undertaking a well-orchestrated campaign of target killing, bomb blasts and disruption of various development projects to create fear, uncertainty and bad reputing as RAW’s Special Cell to sabotage CPEC.

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