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Your right to know Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Haris Shakoor
November 2, 2022
Pakistan politics are unstable and facing many problems. The current situation of Pakistan are not different from past because there are lot of reasons which impacted on Pakistan’s economy and on the other factors and now most of things are same that impacts the Pakistan’s economy and on bilateral and multilateral relations. So, due to many reasons Pakistan faces lot of crisis and there are some crisis in Pakistan politics like Corruption, Role of media, Role of opposition and also Interference of other countries in domestic affairs of Pakistan
First of all Pakistan number in corruption is 127 out of 175 countries and it is at the grass root level. Politician’s are the bigger source of corruption and it is common in Pakistan politics and due to this Pakistani’s not believe on Politian’s. So, the role of NAB, judiciary and other law enforcement agencies are unable to caught that corrupt Politian’s because that corrupt Politian’s are ruling the country freely.
Role of opposition are also not good in Pakistan because Pakistan is a multi-party system in this system every party have their own ideologies and cheap slogans. They never assist government and try to come in power every time but actually opposition are also have no interest in solving problems of public. Opposition party just always criticized ruling party and keep an eye on ruling party. Now, opposition use different kind of cheap slogans and they also violate the rules of country and due to this Pakistan have bad impression in the world.
The role of media progress only during military but not progress during civilian ruler. And actually both use media for their own purpose because media play important role in politics. After Imran khan Jalsa’s media actively cover all the reports which are related to politics. Media always show what they want and not taking interest in making Pakistan an Islamic state. Now, our media are actually party basis media and cover those things which are beneficial for their interested party and not for opposite party and it is the bitter truth of our media.
The role of other countries in domestic affairs of Pakistan are the major crisis of Pakistan economy and politics because it is compulsory that no one can interfere in the domestic affairs of other countries and if they interfere it will effect the relations of countries and also their policies. But recent countries are interfere in the domestic affairs of Pakistan which have the lot of impacts on their relations. Due to interference Pakistan economy is in danger and also the aids which are providing by other countries.
Now the three major powers said that they cannot provide the large amount of aid to Pakistan and if they will not provide then Pakistan will face lot of crisis.
Pakistan economy is not good enough because there are lot of rates in food which impacts the economy and this is basically a reason of conspiracy of others in Pakistan to resolved the ruling government because they do not want that political party rule and there are lot of proofs but no one want to consider .
The vote of no confidence motion in is also the part of crisis in Pakistan. The parliament set to vote of no confidence motion that could seal the fate of Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has lost key allies in the past weeks and ending his majority in National Assembly. Imran khan also facing lot of criticism of his performance including his management of economy beset by high inflation and rising deficits.
From all of the above discussion we conclude the Pakistan politics not developed and progressed due to Politian’s himself and politics are unstable due to interference of non- regular bodies. Bad economic condition, low literacy rate, unemployment and lack of unity make Pakistan political situation more critical.
So, NAB should take serious steps against corruption. Media should play positive role and should not cover all their reports on favoritism and also Opposition must assist government in all good acts. Judiciary provides free and hurry justice to all public. Political party that support a specific province or nation should be banned and Government try to negotiate and resolve their problems bilaterally and also take strong action against any conspiracy of other countries.

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