Politics and Apathy – Pakistan Today

While we, the people, are facing unprecedented socioeconomic and political crises, our political elite appears to be focussed on settling its own scores, unmindful of the misery of the very people they had promised to ‘serve’.
To serve their own vested interests, our political leadership across the divide is ignoring the fact that the country has been slipping fast into chaos and violence, which we saw a couple of decades ago.
The Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is getting back on its feet in areas like Peuchar, Matta, Mir Ali, etc., which had been reclaimed after sacrificing a lot of precious lives.
In Balochistan, we are witnessing casualties on almost daily basis where insurgents’ activities have resumed with fresh vigour.
There have been floods across the country, leaving several large cities inundated, while the toiling masses have been condemned to fight the surging inflation.
It is sad to see the indifference of political leaders who spent all their energies and time in devising new strategies to cause as much damage as they could to their rivals, while ignoring the crises the country and the people have been going through.
It is no wonder that the people of Pakistan have no faith in politics and democracy.

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