Establishment mulling soft intervention amid deepening political, economic crisis: sources – Geo News

Saturday Jul 23, 2022

ISLAMABAD: The establishment is considering a “soft intervention” under which it may mediate between PTI Chairman Imran Khan and the coalition parties — comprising PML-N, PPP, JUI-F, and others — sources told The News Saturday, as political and economic crises grip Pakistan.
The sources told the publication that there are chances of a “grand dialogue” between the Opposition and the government with the intervention of the establishment.
The development comes as the Pakistani rupee continues its downward trend against the US dollar and the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) also witnessing constant plunges in recent sessions — both markets recording historic lows.
Not only this, but there has also been persistent political instability since Khan’s ouster from power as political parties keep approaching courts over political problems and the Punjab government has also remained a matter of contention — given that Hamza took oath twice as chief minister in nearly four months. Hamza Shahbaz took oath twice as chief minister in this period but with his appointment challenged time and again in the courts, the matter has now gone to him being appointed a trustee chief minister until Monday.
The situation has given way to the likelihood for the next general elections to take place soon, with the sources putting the time frame at October.

Senior journalist Suhail Warraich told Geo News that he met the ousted prime minister and that “Khan is ready for negotiations” with the coalition government on three issues: elections and election reforms, the economic agenda and the appointment of the army chief.
The journalist said that there are chances that Khan will write a letter to President Arif Alvi and he might help in holding negotiations between the PTI and the government.
“Everyone believes that the political parties should resolve their issues amicably,” the journalist said.


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