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“I had heard of a business cycle but this is a tad too much.”
“Hey the circle of life is the more cited circle and need I add I am a firm believer of…”
“I wasn’t referring to the circle of life when I said it was a tad too much for me.”
“Were you referring to life coming full circle?”
“Did I get that right?”
“More specifically I was referring to the circle of politics in Pakistan.”
“That’s not only in Pakistan – that’s all over the world. Two national parties or more contest elections and one may be elected for a while and then another – in Pakistan a third party came to power and need I add Punjab followed Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to go Tehreek-e-Insaf but that may change or it may not in the next elections and…”
“Not that the loser will admit it and will claim rigging – pre-, during and post-polls.”
“Oh is that what you meant by the circle of politics?”
“Well no, not quite.”
“The anger for not being allowed to complete one’s tenure is justified in my book. Mujhe kyon nikala (why did you turn me out) refrain associated with Nawaz Sharif is followed by The Khan seeking support in his fight between good and evil, him being good and…”
“No not that either.”
“I get it — person specific bashing followed by threats of I have more material against you which will destroy you forever and…”
“Nope, besides we have very short memories in this country – The Khan is saying he has prepared a video which will reveal even more damning secrets against the baddies in this country in case anything happens to him…”
“Will it have proof or just accusations?”
“Don’t be facetious, anyway coming to the circle of our politics you remember Benazir Bhutto said she had written a letter in which her murderer(s) will be named and while we are all not in doubt that she was assassinated no one has been punished for her murder — in spite of her party being in power for five years…”
“I disagree strongly with you, the two are not similar.”
“Fear of an assassination…”
“No, no, that is not what concerns me, Benazir Bhutto wrote a letter while The Khan has prepared a video — technology has moved on even though the narrative…”
“Don’t be facetious.”
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