Efforts must to keep Balochistan in mainstream politics: Altaf – Pakistan Observer

Pasban Democratic Party PDP Chairman Altaf Shakoor has said that redoubled efforts must be taken to keep Balochistan stay in mainstream politics.
He said that a lukewarm interest of voters and political parties in recent local government polls in Balochistan is a troubling phenomenon that shows that this province is losing its interest in democracy process.
He said the voters of Balochistan overall expressed a sort of no confidence over political parties as more independent candidates emerged as winners than the candidates fielded by political parties.
He said that Balochistan is a serious concern and it gets more and more isolated when people like Imran Khan gets in power with convince of establishment.
He said only a genuine democracy can save it, when people of Balochistan and not the Sardars of BAAP are empowered.
He said thatb looking at the results of local bodies’ polls is extremely alarming. While we celebrated victory of Jamaat-e-Islami supported candidates in Gwader, the rest of Balochistan showed no interest in these elections where almost half the candidates were elected unopposed while there were even no candidates for hundreds of the seats.
He said where even elections were held the winners got elected with just about a hundred or so votes. This shows that people of Balochistan are losing faith in elections so what is left for the next generation of this province.


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