Turncoats ultimate beneficiaries of corrupt system, interest-based politics: Siraj – Pakistan Today

LAHORE: Emir Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Sirajul Haq has said the turncoats are the ultimate beneficiaries of the corrupt system and interest-based politics.
While talking to the JI workers at Mansoorah on Thursday, he said that prime minister should also admit his failure that his government also contributed in pushing the country towards political crisis.
Sirajul Haq said that the PTI where failed to deliver, it had also taken benefit from the corrupt system and dirty bargaining to come to power. The politics without any ideology was the main reason behind the ongoing political circus in Islamabad, he added.
He said the PTI minister issued irresponsible statements and prime minister himself used derogatory remarks against his opponents, ignoring his status. Prime Minister Imran Khan, he said, was expected to tell the government performance to the masses to reply the no-confidence motion against him.
Demanding the fresh election to bring the country out of prevailing crisis, the JI chief said the people were the true custodians and they should be allowed to choose their representatives through fresh and fair polls. The prime minister, he said, must understand that a country could not be run on the basis of loud speeches and false claims. He said the three main parties had badly failed to deliver and exposed.
The ruling elite, he said, had been occupying the country’s resources for decades, depriving the masses from basic needs. The millions of children were out of schools due to poverty, he said, adding the inflation and unemployment were uncontrolled due to false economic policies of the ruling party, he said.
Sirajul Haq advised the political parties not to adopt the path of clash as it will ultimately deprive the country of democracy. He said the JI had decided to stay away from the political circus and continued its struggle to transform Pakistan into Islamic welfare state. He said the masses wanted to get rid of the status quo parties and corrupt system and the JI was their
ultimate choice.

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