We live in interesting times, but not as unique as we may think.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is no longer in power, and the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) have now taken control with Shabaz Sharif at the helm.

We have been here before throughout history and the main actors in the play are the same.

We have the powerful countries working to influence and control smaller nations either militarily, politically or economically. The techniques to achieve the goals are varied which include:-

  • Influencing political parties through financial donations, recruitment and pressure
  • Media propaganda
  • Boycotting, slandering and intimidation of individuals, parties and institutions
  • Recruitment of people to infiltrate, lobby and canvass
  • Providing financial and material inducements and benefits e.g. money, visas, jobs
  • Providing threats directly/indirectly to government and military leadership
  • Using political lobbying and pressure groups
  • Using institutes to apply pressure e.g. IMF, World bank United Nations
  • Using proxy countries and individuals

Each of the powerful countries has used these methods throughout history, for example, Russia over its Balkan and ex-USSR partner eastern bloc countries. USA meddling in central and South America. Both the USA/UK involved in military invasions of the Middle East, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, East Timor, including the bombing of Nagasaki, Hiroshima killing thousands. History is replete with double standards, false sloganeering, supporting dictators in one part of the world whilst toppling elected governments elsewhere e.g. FSIS in Algeria, Morsi in Egypt and we can go on throughout history. All these are part of regime change.

One of the first questions to be asked is – would this be possible in Pakistan and could it happen. Undoubtedly Yes. Furthermore, was the official letter (minutes of a meeting) documenting the conspiracy, received from the American Pakistani embassy through the appropriate diplomatic channels genuine? From the diverse statements of the diplomatic, government and military channels means it has been corroborated from within the country including the National Security Council.

Furthermore, external partners have verified through their own military intelligentsia of its correctness e.g. China, Russia, and Turkey.

In addition, to this the refusal of ALL opposition parties and the courts not to touch the letter seemed strange, which means we can conclude either they thought everyone was lying in the chain, or it is not in their interest to see it, or they already knew what was in it. It is probably more than likely both of the last two, it wasn’t in their benefit and some of them already knew what was in it. Comments from PMLN and Shabaz Sharif about ‘Beggars cannot be choosers’ and ‘living on life machines without the USA’ means they seem to be beholden and mental slaves if nothing else. In order for the opposition parties to succeed in the removal of Imran Khan, all the opposition had to be united on one page and without the two main parties, PMLN PPP collusion it would not be possible to succeed. No doubt not everyone can be accused of being a traitor or colluder, but many people can be innocently induced due to political hatred of each other and they would be willing to be led by a few influential leaders, with the added financial benefits provided. It seemed coincidental the American officials would meet a whole host of opposition leaders, members and disgruntled PTI party members 3-6 months prior to the implementation of the no-confidence motion.

We are now in a situation whereby Imran Khan and his party have been removed from the government and subsequently, PTI MNA’s have all resigned from the parliament as they would not want to give legitimacy to the new ‘imported’ government.

Imran Khan’s strategy is now to mobilise the masses and use them as a powerbase for new elections, and a return to power with a stronger mandate. He was badly let down by disgruntled party members and the institutes, such as the election commission and the courts, who seemed to have done private deals with the opposition PMLN PPP party leaders. Imran Khan knows that the institutes are politicised, and not independent, and is working on a similar strategy to Erdogan of Turkey who prevented a coup by the military through the people. Imran Khan is aiming to do the same.

Dr Ghulam S Ashraf

Thinkers Forum International